Outer paris

    DAY SEVEN and EIGHT Farewell Zloty. I’m at Chateau de Versailles, the brainchild of Louis 14th – a pretty decent guy who liked wearing silk pants and curling his hair – and I’ve just spent 8 bucks on a coke. It’s outrageous, but then everything else here is too – you could spend … Continue reading Outer paris

Prague Two

  DAY FOUR There are only two types of tourists. Bad tourists, and really bad tourists. Hopefully I’m just a bad tourist. I got up at six this morning to catch the sunset on Charles Bridge – a lot like the narrows, and waited – nobly – until 9am to get a coffee because I … Continue reading Prague Two


  DAY THREE The flight to Prague was great. I don’t know who’s doing the Skytrax rating, but Swiss Air is a lot better than Cathy Pacific – (Cathay has a five star ranking, along with Singapore and a few other genuinely good airlines, while Swiss air, Qantas, Emirates etc have four.) It might have … Continue reading Prague