a room with a view

3 thoughts on “a room with a view”

  1. And yet again…….I find myself in a full belly laugh after reading your blog (I am soooo trendy) Loved the comment re: Softly, softly…….
    Sympathise with you about non-response re: banana prices…..that’s just plain annoying! Back in Oz you would have drummed up a whole demonstration revolting about the hideous banana prices……what’s wrong with these people? Don’t they care????
    Keep ’em coming, Megsjessie! I need my daily fix of laughter. After all, as they say in the classics (don’t quote me) Laughter IS the best medicine!!!
    We can now call you DR Green!!!!
    LOL (and I know what that means) Once again, I am soooo trendy!!!
    Aunty Sand

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