That gear got biblical

4 thoughts on “That gear got biblical”

  1. I take offence! I am a hot bogan and resemble nothing of the above – for a start, a true bogan would have refused to help you out with a Toyota out of principle (we are strictly Holden or Ford men) and there is no way a bogan would be caught dead with a bottle of VB in a brown paper bag – it would have been Wild Turkey… and coke… with a straw…

    1. Dear artheretic…

      a. I love that you’ve identified yourself as a hot bogan – I sincerely hope there’s more of you out there.

      b. Please don’t tell me he wasn’t a bogan; don’t take that away from me. It was like finding out that unicorns exist.

      c. I sincerely apologise for any misrepresentation of hot bogans (yourself included.)

  2. a. Yes there are many more but unfortunately we are all related (bogans lower the gene pool to make remembering names easier at christmas).

    b. I don’t really want to prick your bubble any more but, if he was a bogan I suspect he may have been a bogan with a HECS debt (hence the cheap beer/lack of straw).

    c. cheers maaate

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