I’m pretty sure that emperor’s naked

7 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure that emperor’s naked”

  1. I swear I used to do the exact same thing, cobbling together the facade of a coherent argument basd on buzz words and conjecture.

    Then I used to have fun pulling apart others that did the same thing but with an air of smugness suggesting that they actually thought that they were knowledgable on the subject.

    Man, I think I actually miss Uni…

  2. are you at Curtin uni? That’s a lot of concrete.. you are going to need a bit more than a couple of A4 Max Dupain photocopies to keep you warm during winter…. I suggest a full Bill Henson body stocking

  3. Hey Megs

    Love the blog. I saw a link on facebook and have just spent the last hour chuckling to myself while reading your insights.


    1. Thanks Dave! Hey, huge congratulations on the new arrival. I Saw her on Friday at Lu’s wedding – she’s BEAUTIFUL!! Trying to organise catchup with valjean, so hopefully see you soon!

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