Train baa baa barbaric

11 thoughts on “Train baa baa barbaric”

  1. You’ll be sorry now, Megs. I’ve found the place where I can comment!
    Love your work, my friend, especially about the car/train wash. I laughed out loud. Mo

  2. i’m totally crushing on your blog.

    hate to kill your independent vibe but did mum get through to you? she’s trying to send you something…

  3. Hey Megs, totally loving your take on Europe!

    I know the things they let builders get away with there is criminal, everything is half finished and crumbling.

    Maybe if they spent half as much as Perth has in the last year fixing the place up, they’d get a visit from the Queen too…

  4. Love your work. Even if you lied and said you weren’t blogging. A ha! J’accuse!!!
    You know, I was driving down Wellington Street the other morning, because, unlike some, I am still going to work and not whoring around Rome, and as I drove past the Entertainment Centre, I thought to myself, “Why can’t they just leave it half-demolished?” and then started pondering, “How did the Colliseum actually get to stay that way? Did their equivalent of the City of Perth (the Citta’ di Roma) just fricking give UP on the place?”
    How is it that we rever the Colliseum, which, when you think about it, must have been an EYESORE of biblical proportions (okay, post-biblical) for so long, when it is really clear evidence of Rome’s total slackocity in building maintenance. Did they think, when it was up for a repaint and spackle, “No, let’s leave it because in 2000 years, people are gonna love it.” Or did they ‘shabby-chic’ it at some point and then leave it. Sort of like when they first refurbished the Queens with all that “we’re so cool we are going to just leave bare wires and all this exposed brickwork and hope no one gets hurt.”

    1. Thanks Nads. How good would a half finished Entertainment Centre be as an homage to the greatest empire of all time. It’s a bit like when we did the ‘Perth Eye’ hoping that it would get more exciting the higher up you were.

    1. Hey Jas – glad you like!

      Ok, so depends what your budget is, but for our $50 a night (and I’d say it’s either cheaper with two, or you possibly get your own room – check it out) you can get accommodation at Le Regent in Montmartre – i’d send the link but I can’t, just google it.

      It’s obviously not fancy, but it’s nice clean rooms and Montmartre is a cool area and right next to a train station and there’s a decent breakfast included too.

      Rome had a different vibe – it was more like a b&b privately owned place – very homely and the lady who owned it was LOVELY. Breakfast was awful but who really cares. Everything’s central in Rome, but it’s pretty cool cos it’s 2 mins walk from the collosseum. That was about 35 a night.

      I always get worried about reccommendations just in case it’s not what someone else is looking for, or the owners have changed etc, but I had a really great experience with both.

      Hope that helps!


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