when in rome

6 thoughts on “when in rome”

  1. OMG Megs………I have laughed and laughed!!! Nearly wet myself with hysteria! You are brilliant……These are Lemony Snippets with a capital LS!
    Can’t say how much I enjoyed your blog (You are my first ever person I have read their blog)! Keep ’em coming , Ciao, Aunty Sand (Your biggest fan) Weight wise……

  2. megsie moooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your guts, you rock my little perth world. KEEP SAFE and keep writing- i’m going to have to go out and get some more undies. xo

  3. Megs,
    i have just about almost finished the rest of your blogs- can’t believe it’s taken me this long… i am sitting at home, about to get ready for miik’s exhibition, laughing OUT LOUD. megs- actually BRILLIANT. i can’t get enough. love you long time, xxxxxx

    1. Thanks luey!!

      Edited: would type longer, but hard to type on this swiss keyboard – the preference is for z’s and there are dots on everything.

      Unedited: Would tzpe longer, but hard to tzpe on this swiss kezboard ‘ the preference is for yäs and there are dots on everzthing

      zou see what iäm dealing with, no?

      love zou and miss zou


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