two days for the price of one

New York is like the kid who cleans his room by stuffing all the clothes and toys under the bed. I keep on thinking that it’s quite neat, but everything’s just been shuffled under benches or moved into areas with less traffic, and if people do litter, they do it neatly – like folding up … Continue reading two days for the price of one

big apple

  What a waste of a day. I woke up at 5am Rome time yesterday, and I got to this hostel about 24 hours later. Our flight got delayed for 6 hours which meant that I missed the Iron and Wine gig I booked ages ago and they’ll probably never come to Perth. The flight … Continue reading big apple

the grand popo

Thanks for the free tickets to the Vatican, Linda – if that’s even your real name – Maloney. She must be an older lady because everyone on the bus was over 60 and the only guy that looked around my age was wearing pleated pants, so he doesn’t count. The first stop we made was … Continue reading the grand popo

when in rome

   I am not the only one that sings ‘hits’ from around the globe. The guy behind me was whistling Nessun Dorma today, and doing really well but he went sharp on the pivotal note and everybody was annoyed because we’d invested so much time in him. RIP Roger Whittaker – they can take your … Continue reading when in rome

Outer paris

    DAY SEVEN and EIGHT Farewell Zloty. I’m at Chateau de Versailles, the brainchild of Louis 14th – a pretty decent guy who liked wearing silk pants and curling his hair – and I’ve just spent 8 bucks on a coke. It’s outrageous, but then everything else here is too – you could spend … Continue reading Outer paris